Welcome to the world of trading, you will get great things from this feature but also you will undoubtedly have run-ins with scammers and/or accidentally give away special items you had. I recommend not doing flash trading (trading really fast without looking at what you are trading and accepting really fast) take your time before accepting a trade!

There are three groups of items to trade:

  • Beta items
  • Rare items
  • Common items

Beta items are clothing or den items that were first released anytime from July 17th, 2010 to September 9th, 2010.

Rare items are exactly what they sound like, RARE and you can not. by them in the AJ stores

Common items are items you can buy in the AJ stores.

You can get rares from AJ adventures and from trading with other people, you can also sometimes get them from games on AJ like “Sky High.”

You can get Betas from trading and that’s pretty much it.

You can get common items basically anywere.

Have fun trading!





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